A Plan For September

Seriously, I know I say this at the end or beginning of every month… Where is this year going?? 31st Aug already…
In 26 days the Warrior Woman Project Live class is back (just in case you have missed that announcement). On Saturday 26th September at 1115am any ladies on the Warrior Woman Project Online programme can come along to the FREE live class. The live class will run for 12 weeks in Tchai Ovna which is a beautiful tea house (with the most delicious carrot cake) on Otago Lane in the West End.
The last time we had the regular group everyone found it really beneficial to have others share with and support. Some of the conversations were bizarre – how much money can you make as a dog walker… yet also very beneficial and relevant to the weeks topic, we all have different ways of dealing with stress, other people, setting goals and it is good to share that with like minded people.
You can check out some of the reviews on the Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/WarriorWomanProject/reviews and on the website (they are in bold text if you are scrolling quickly) www.freedomintraining.co.uk/warrior-woman-project
Anyway, end of the month. How has the last month been for you? July had been all about self-care, and for new subscribers they will be getting the 31 days of self care through to them now…
How many of July’s rituals and tasks did you carry on with? Are you set to take them through in to September? September for me is a busy month with a couple of fitness conventions down south that I know I need to be organised and prepared for so I don’t end up exhausted and burned out.
Last week we were talking about doing what makes your heart happy, then, you were to do 5 things over the weekend to make your heart happy…
Did you do them? How did it feel? Are you ready to keep doing that?
On this Monday and last day of August, I want you to think about what you want for September, how do you want to feel going through the month? What goals or achievements are you aiming for? What new things are you going to start?
This is the perfect time to be thinking about night school classes to get a hobby to take you through the winter months. Check out your local colleges to see what they have on. I loved my photography course, the Spanish one was a bit of a waste when I booked to go to Croatia this year and I am going to Greece next year…
Set yourself some small goals to achieve by the end of September… If you want to hold yourself accountable post them on social media and then post updates. That is way more interesting than posts about dislike of public transport…
Have a happy and productive Monday
Jen x
PS If you like the idea of the Warrior Woman Project and feel you need to be held accountable, then just head over to www.freedomintraining.co.uk/warrior-woman-project and get signed up

Saturday Kitchen

Peanut Butter Cookies

These are not only delicious, but they are ready to eat in just over 15 minutes…

1 cup natural peanut butter (ideally no added sugar or salt)

½ cup gluten free flour (I used chickpea flour) ( ¼ cup if using coconut flour)

¼ cup maple syrup

1 ripe banana

Mix everything together in a food processor (for speed)

Spoon out approx 8 cookies (l left them quite fat)

Bake in a preheated oven for 10mins at 180deg

Hey presto, they keep well in an airtight container for a couple of days

Is it easy to be happy?

‘The moment of victory is too short to live for’ # Andre Agassi.

You step on to the scales and you have lost a couple of pounds – this makes you happy.

You get a promotion at work – this makes you happy.

You get a date with the hot dude you have been dreaming about for ages – this makes you happy.

These are all great things that can make you happy in a day, the only thing with them is they are all related to goals. These are your moments of victory.

If you dictate your life around ‘I will be happy when… I have lost weight, got a job promotion, got a date’ then you are setting yourself up to spend the rest of your time unhappy.

We then have the self-sabotage moments of happiness:

I’ve had a shit week, so I will eat crap to make me feel better for 5 minutes and will get back on it tomorrow.

I have put weight on over the winter, but I need to wait for the better weather to come in then I will get started (If you live in Scotland, that day may never come).

I want to take up jogging but its wet outside.

I’m going to start on Monday.

Does the tomorrow actually ever come? Do you start on Monday or are there things that come up and you put it off for another week?

How many days, weeks, months or even years have passed since you made that promise to yourself?

When does it get so bad that you need to stop and take action? How much emotional pain do you need to be in before you can’t take anymore?

When do you make the decision that long term ongoing happiness is a better option than the goal driven, may never actually happen happiness?

There are simple steps that you can take to make changes. Implementing your FREE daily emails is one way. Another is signing up to the Warrior Woman Project, holding yourself accountable and actually making the change http://freedomintraining.co.uk/warrior-woman-project/

Life is easier to get through when you are happy (I promise) and it is as simple as making the decision to be happy.

Jen x




How to be your own hero

Yesterday I was talking to you about how to get out of your rut and when wisdom and motivation are going to actually help you…

Today, you are going to start to learn how to be your own hero. Let’s face it, we are with ourselves 24/7, there is no getting away from that and if we know that we can rely on ourselves then we don’t need to wait to be saved… If someone does come along to the rescue then we get to appreciate it rather than expect it.

If you want courage, you need to do something that you are afraid of. I am afraid of heights, that does not mean for me that if I did an abseil I would feel courageous… I can’t see the benefit of that… On the other hand I am afraid of failing, so doing something that I am not sure either way that I would be successful at will give me courage (like running a business on my own – this still terrifies me).

If you want discipline, you need to do something today that you have been putting off. As I have discussed before procrastination can sometimes be your friend, but it can also be your worst enemy… Get something in place that is going to make your life better and stick with it… I have gone back to doing my morning pages and my early morning yoga is worth setting the alarm an extra 30mins earlier for.

If you want to feel stronger, work on your weaknesses. The only way to get overall stronger is to work on the foundations and stop ignoring the bits you can’t do. Work on the weaknesses in your own time, not at a time when it will hold you back. If you are in a race, now is not the time to be changing your technique. If you are working to a deadline don’t try to learn how to use a new system.

If you want to feel more confident, look at your successes, what have you achieved in the past, what else can you do now to make you feel better. Work on your courage, discipline and weaknesses, these will all help you improve your confidence.

Work on these, learn to be your own hero, feel proud of who you are, and who you are becoming. Be someone’s inspiration (but first your own).

Jen x

Wisdom & Motivation

Something I often get told is ‘you are so wise and always so motivated’

I am the one that my friends come to when they are ready for a dose of the truth and wisdom and need a kick in the backside to get things done (they tend to avoid me or conversations about what is going on with them until they are ready).

The thing is wisdom and motivation can only get you so far in this world.

If you are doing something or being someone that doesn’t make you feel good – maybe that promotion you got turned out not to be the dream job after all and you don’t like the role you have to play. Or bursting your ass in the gym, eating everything that you ‘should’ be eating when really all you want to do is slob out on the couch and have a glass of wine and cake… No amount of wisdom, motivating, pep talks, convincing is going to get you moving or make you happy.

When you do something it has to be because you want to, because it makes you happy, your heart sing, puts a smile on your face, a skip in your step, fulfils your dreams, goals, aspirations and makes you who you 100% genuinely are at heart.

When you know what it is you do want then yes the wisdom and motivation is going to come in handy.

But, if the real not kidding yourself on, trying to make the people around you happy answer is NO, then stop! No more of the bull.

This needs to be about you, who you are, who you want to be (remember from Monday’s email?!)

I have times where I need to stop and hide from the world while I work out what it is I want or put on the silencers if I can’t hide away.

Take time out, decide what it is you want, then seek out the wisdom and motivation that you need to get you to that point.

There is nothing worse than being fed up and stuck in a rut feeling like you started on a path so you need to keep going with it.

The first 3 weeks on Warrior Woman Project are about finding out what it is you are stuck with and starting to make a plan to get you out of that rut… Small steps in the right direction are better than more steps in the wrong one.

Have an awesome day

Jen x


I never used to worry…

I talk to you a lot about stress and ways to overcome it, breathing being the number 1 thing to put in place. That moment to stop, take a minute, clear your thoughts and look at your situation from a different perspective.

I was reading about the Buddhist’s rule on worrying:
Just don’t.

It seems so simple, yet for many of us we seem to struggle with the ‘just don’t worry’ concept… There is always a ‘what if…’

Most worry is about a potential outcome created by your imagination, usually negative and usually highly dramatic…

I was talking to one of my friends the other day about the possibility of her going abroad to work, she has mentioned it a few times and we were discussing the reality of it… One of her worries – what would she do when she came back home if she had rented out her house and what would she do for work…

There wasn’t at this moment in time even a job never mind something that may or may not even happen much, much further down the line…

The ‘what if’ is always a big IF and a bridge that you cross when you come to it IF at all…

I used to be good at not worrying about things. I remember when I was moving to Australia with my then husband and my mum asking me ‘what if you get there and don’t like it?’ it wasn’t something that I had considered and didn’t even then… Not until I got there and actually didn’t like it and I dealt with it at that point.

If I had worried about that before I left I might have never gone which would have meant that I wouldn’t have found out for myself… It wasn’t that I didn’t like Australia, it just wasn’t home.

When you worry you get stressed, when you are stressed you don’t function right and you are so caught up living in the future you miss what is going on in the present.

As much as you can, stay present. When you start to hear the worries creep in to your mind, find a way to quiet them and as much as you can… Don’t worry.

Have a worry free day

Jen x

PS If you are worrying about whether or not you should join the Warrior Woman Project and have any questions about it, just hit reply to this email and ask away, I will do my very best to answer any questions you have.

Who do you want to be?

Who is it you want to be? Take a step back from your head and look at who you are, are you who you want to be?

If you were to overhear people talking about you, what would you LIKE to hear them say?

Is there someone or people that you aspire to be more like? If there is what is the difference between who you are just now and them as they are? What can you do differently to be more like them?

Now, I am not suggesting that you try and be a copy of someone else, I am talking about you being your genuine, authentic self that you love being. You still need to talk like you, write like you, look like you but you can take on the way they think and behave and think ‘how would they handle this?’

When you think about what you would like to hear people say about you, how close to being that person are you? What do you want or need to do better to be closer to being that person?
Things to think about today

Who do you want to be?

Who do you want to learn from?

How do you get to learn from them?

How can you be the genuine version of you?

Wanting to figure out ‘who I am’ is one of the challenges faced by some of my Warrior Women and going through the 12 week programme has helped them take the first steps to working that out. There is nothing worse than feeling stuck and not sure how or where to start.

If you would like more information on the Warrior Woman Project just head over to http://freedomintraining.co.uk/warrior-woman-project/

Jen x

Saturday Kitchen

Saturday Kitchen

It was brought to my attention that I had missed sharing with you a recipe that one of my clients told me about…

She had been for an Indian meal and ordered a cheese naan… The naan came in in it was not cheddar, not mozzarella and not paneer…

In her naan there were cheese slices… that is right, sweaty, plastic, synthetic cheese…

I am not sure that it comes recommended by myself, my client or even the world health organisation… so instead, this is my delicious go to when I can’t be bothered making anything.

Caribbean Pina Colada Curry 

Seasoning (make this up first and keep in an air tight container for future curries)

2 tablespoons salt (I use pink salt always)

2 tablespoons all spice

1 tablespoon dried thyme (I use braggs sea kelp seasoning)

4 teaspoons black pepper

2 teaspoons cayenne

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon nutmeg

Mix all these together for a supply of seasoning.


1 onion chopped

2 peppers (red & yellow or orange)

1 teaspoon arrow root

1 can pineapple (in juice)

2 cloves garlic (crushed)

2 teaspoons of seasoning (above)

¼ teaspoon vanilla essence

1 can coconut milk

2 cups of chickpeas (or beans of choice)


Fry off the onions, add the garlic, let that cook until soft then add everything else including the pineapple juice. Simmer for around 30 mins and serve with rice and squeeze half a lime over the top. I also like to add fresh coriander.  Alternatively chuck it all in a slow cooker and let cook for around 6 hours.


This recipe could also be used with chicken, but I don’t know how to cook chicken other than in a slow cooker, so I would make the same recipe without the chickpeas / beans chuck it all in a slow cooker and allow it to cook for around 6/7 hours.


Please don’t eat a plastic cheese naan… send it back!


Have an awesome weekend



PS The Warrior Woman Project doesn’t teach you how to cook but it does teach you how to eat for your own happiness… Cake, chocolate and wine allowed (in the right circumstances)






Who are your fans?

As Friday seems to be on us already it is time to learn the last lesson of the week… Remember your fans…

Your family, friends, work colleagues, clients, customers are all your fans. They are the ones that helped you, supported you, and paid you along the way.

Don’t let being awesome and the success you work so hard for go to your head, don’t let that ego take over… Be humble, remember the journey you have just been on… Make time for the important people in your life and remember to say and show your appreciation.

It can be easy to get caught up in your own world, doing the stuff that makes you happy. You will be and need to be selfish to get what you want. But that selfishness is for the good, not for you to act like a spoiled brat.

You do the things that make you happy, that makes you a better person, a better example and able to give more because you are all round awesome.

In your awesomeness you are being genuine and if you are still not sure what the genuine version of you is, because it is easy to get lost in your labels of mum, wife, boss, employee that you forget who you are at the core… The Warrior Woman Project is exactly what you need to sort that out http://freedomintraining.co.uk/warrior-woman-project/

Have a fabulous weekend

Jen x


I don’t do it for the pat on the head…

This week is whizzing by…

Thursday’s lesson: When you realise someone appreciates your work you will feel great.

Whenever one of you reply to one of my emails or sends me a message through one of the many social media platforms I am always amazed that 1. Its not just my mum reading my emails and 2. What I am saying/doing is actually making a difference.

I do get a little bit embarrassed and shy when it turns out a friend of a friend is telling my friend about these emails that she gets and they turn out to be mine… But it’s kind of awesome too.

When someone appreciates the work and effort that you have made it gives you a glow inside. We all have ego’s which in an ideal world wouldn’t rule us but in the real world they do. A little pat on the head, a congratulations, an appreciation or a thank you goes a long way.

Don’t set your passion out to be something that you look for thanks for, or to get you raised up on a pedestal, do it because it is what you love doing.

When you are doing something that you are passionate about, every single person in the room will be able to see. There will be a look and vibe about you that you can’t hide.

Take the appreciation but don’t hunt for it. If you are hunting, you are on the wrong road.

Stay on the right road being genuine and awesome.

Jen x

PS The Warrior Woman Project could be exactly what you need if you find that you always end up on the wrong road. Clarity, direction and less chaos is the outcome of the programme http://freedomintraining.co.uk/warrior-woman-project/