New Year, New You bollocks

With all the new year, new you bollocks that’s filling your timeline, its always refreshing to hear some truths.

Without a plan, you are not going to change.

Without knowing what it is you actually want and why you want it, you are not going to change.

If you made the same resolutions last year, chances are you are not going to change.

If you only set goals from 01 Jan, chances are you are not going to change.

Sorry to tell you, but these are facts. At a minimum, you should be setting and assessing your goals every month (if not every single day – yes, you read that correctly, every single day).

With that in mind I thought I would re-post a recent blog which is something that I teach my Warrior Women in the Warrior Woman Project (

Goal + Plan + Contingency = Success

Oscar Wilde ‘success is a science, if you have the conditions you will get the results’

To be successful you need to create the right conditions to make the results happen.

In previous emails I have suggested that you set some goals.

How is that going for you?

Have you worked out your plan?

Have you figured out what and who you need to help you achieve your results?

Have you started to make the changes to get you to where you need to be?

It is up to you to set your conditions in place to allow everything to come together.

You need to put yourself in to the right mind-set. Focus on the outcome.

You pack your gym stuff, prepare your food, set the alarm early.

One part of the plan falls out of place and the rest of the plan goes out the window.

For example, my flatmate:

Packed her gym stuff, set the alarm, prepared all her food.

Alarm went off, decided she was cosy in bed, wouldn’t get up and go to work at the end of the day.

She got up later, then when getting ready for work she realised that she was getting her hair done after so she ditched her whole healthy eating plan for the day. Roll & sausage & potato scone, Victoria sponge, chocolate…

(She did tell me about this to out her in my emails, I am not being nasty)

Just because she didn’t go to the gym there was no real reason to ditch the rest of her plans for the day.

How often do you let that happen to you?

Goal + Plan + Contingency = Success

Have a good day, and get back on the plan even if there is a side step.

Jen x