that time I started to get fixed

Delighted with Jennifer (not me)… 8KG lost in 8 weeks. Slow and steady wins the race with sustainable changes… That’s what happens when you take control in the nutrition programme. Well done Jennifer (not me) J

So, Friday I got had a meet up with my mentor / head coach / life & business coach… Not really sure what title I give him (Brian), but he has made me cry in coffee shops at times over the years.

The first time I met Brian he was doing a talk in my college. He spoke to us about the pain barrier and how bad things needed to be before you did something about it.

I had no idea how much my life was about to change from that moment on.

Fast forward a year, and I found myself in a place where I was overwhelmed and lost.

My head was so noisy I couldn’t think straight, there were tears, there was booze, there were LOTS of nights out, there was a lot of look how great my life is Facebook updates (not really how I was feeling).

I contacted Brian to ask for help and we started having regular coaching sessions.

Time had come to get my head quiet and thoughts under control.

It was life changing.

I can quite honestly say that I would not have come as far in the last 4 years if it had not been for me taking time out to get my head out my arse.

Taking a step back, talking through the mental things that go on in your head and that you believe about yourself is the best way to sort that shit out.

Just saying something out loud can actually cause a penny drop moment.

I love a penny drop moment… The can arrive so unexpectedly and be revolutionary.

There would be times I would be answering a question and be like ‘ahhhhhh….. Now I get it….’

Other times I would start laughing at the ridiculousness of what was coming out my mouth.

We didn’t just work on personal stuff or just work stuff… They all kind of go hand in hand…

If you have a belief about yourself in your personal life that same belief could hold you back in your career.

You are good enough, you do deserve the best and you should NEVER EVER SETTLE.

That is why I have put together my Freedom In Training Transformation Programme.

I want to help you get your shit back on track. Take control of you life, your head, your happiness.

And not just that painted on smile that you put on for your audience (friends, family, work colleagues) I became a master at that but it eventually wore me down.

I hope that these emails are starting to make you think, and make small changes in your life. Jennifer (not me, the one who has lost 8KG) said that they were ‘like daily chicken soup for the soul’…

If you are totally not getting it feel free to unsubscribe at any time. Not everyone will like what I suggest or think and that is fine (you can do that at the bottom of this email).

If they are getting you thinking and you want to know more about my coaching programme then drop me a line, I am more than happy to talk more things through with you.

You never know how your life could change…

Just if you are nosey / interested since the biggest things that have happened to me in the last 4 years:

  • Divorce
  • HND at college while working full time.
  • Started a fitness business with a friend.
  • Opened a fitness studio with same friend.
  • Went to uni to do a degree while opening the studio and working full time.
  • Went on to do a post grad TQFE (still working full time) which I passed with Merit (shocked).
  • Closed both businesses with my friend (we are still friends by the way).
  • Started another business on my own (Freedom In Training)
  • Working with the Indoor Cycling Group, (was part of the presentation team in Blackpool & at LIW this year, am part of the Tabata Master Trainer team, and I am booked for Blackpool again next year).
  • Gave up lots of unnecessary things I did not need or want in my life.
  • Bought my house.
  • Got a whole lot of free time and happiness.
  • Learned how to say yes to more things and no to more things (picking what’s right for me)
  • Found my Freedom.

And that is just some of the things that I can think of off the top of my head…

There were some pretty tough times in that lot along with some very big highs… I wouldn’t change any of it, and appreciate that much of it might not have happened without someone there poking his sharp stick at me, pushing me and my beliefs that I wasn’t good enough…

Just something for you to have a think about… The best and worst question I ever get asked is ‘for what purpose’.

Next time you are thinking, run that question through your head, everything you do, you might surprise yourself.

Have a good day

Jen x




i won’t let this get the better of me

Hey, hey, how was your weekend?

Some weeks I feel like my feet don’t touch the ground between trips to Galway then to Peterborough, training with the European Master Trainer team, driving home, classes, meetings, exercise rehab, training, preparing food, writing, loving every minute.

In among all this chaos I discover that my Helicobacter has reared its ugly head.

Heartburn, bloating, beltching, cramps among other symptoms I don’t need to share.

I know exactly what happened.

I was really busy, running about, not organised.

When I was on holiday there was a whole week of couple of beers in the evening, chocolate, bread, pizza, food on the run and I didn’t get that much better when I got back…

I have been running about, not taking time out to get organised.

I have been feeding that parasite left right and centre for about a month now.

Now, I could go to the Dr but I know that they will refer me to the hospital and it will be another 8 weeks before I get my test (at least) before they then pump my system with antibiotics.


Last time I had a flare up, I took time to do some research in to natural ways to beat it.

Avoid: sugar, yeast, alcohol, dairy, eggs, and gluten.

Increase: broccoli, ginger, olive oil, coconut oil, pineapple, raspberries, mint, turmeric, cinnamon, kefir, liquorice and oregano.

Lets face it, the avoid list is pretty much what we should be avoiding anyway (apart from eggs and dairy for some people).

Your body is an amazing instrument. It sends out signals when it is not happy.

Skin conditions like acne, eczema & psoriasis. Bloating and excess gas. IBS. Lethargy. PCOS. Even stress, depression and mood swings are linked to the food we eat.

It is so important to listen to these signals and act on them, with your main focus your health and having the energy to live a life that is not just sleep, eat, work, repeat.

I have been listening to some podcasts recently, and one of the guys who was on was talking about turning your symptoms up and down.

Understanding what foods cause what reactions, and if you really want that bit of cake or glass of wine, you will know and understand how your body reacts then how to get it to calm down again.

An interesting thing came up when I was chatting with my mentor last week.

During the summer when he has aggravated hay fever, eating sugar makes it worse and makes him wheeze meaning he needs to take his inhaler.

Sometimes he wants that bit of chocolate more than he cares that he needs to take a shot of inhaler…

Have you ever thought about any ailments you have that you maybe take medication for or put up with and haven’t considered that it could be your lifestyle?

Is your lifestyle too important that you are willing to sacrifice your health?

Has it not even been something you have considered?

One of the things that I get my ladies on the nutrition programme to do is to keep a food, activity and mood diary.

This is the first step in identifying anything that might not quite agree with you.

I spent the day making roast veg, veg soup, quinoa & butternut squash burgers and spicy chickpeas to make sure I am set up for the week ahead.

Get your shit together this time…

Jen x

Its not them, its you…

So yesterday I told you about the course I was at with all the master trainers from Europe…

What an amazing day of learning we had.

The best bit was no matter what any of the other trainers experience or background was they were there to learn from each other, share ideas and help each other.

Even though they work hundreds of miles apart from each other they are a team and you can feel that just being in their presence.

I mentioned on about feeling a bit overwhelmed and out of my depth going in to this situation.

Not only are some of these guys elite athletes but highly educated – One of them has a Phd in Exercise Physiology and is a lecturer at the University of Madrid…

I was in amongst some very clever and very experienced people.

The only person who doubted my ability was me.

The only person judging me was me.

Within seconds of meeting this group of people I knew I had nothing to worry about. They were all open and friendly even though for quite a few there was a serious language barrier.

We are often very quick to assume or make up in our heads what other people are thinking about us or a situation.

And more often than not we are wrong.

One of the first things I learned when I started working with my coach was to accept responsibility for my thoughts. It’s not them, it’s you.

It is you that is interpreting someone’s words or actions.

It is you that is reacting to it instead of responding.

You have no idea how powerful that tiny switch is.

That is something that I teach on my coaching clients in Find My Freedom.

I help my clients understand the language they use and how small re phrasing can make the biggest of differences in how they think and how they respond to others.

How many times have you blown up at someone in an instant reaction wishing minutes later you had just thought for a second or two more and responded in a much better way?

It’s not about learning to bite your tongue, because things need to be said. How you say them makes all the difference.

How you feel about yourself. Having the confidence and self-belief to open your mouth and stand up for yourself without coming across aggressive or defensive.

I have a meeting with my coach this morning. I love sitting down and talking (sometimes at him) for about 20 mins until I get everything off my chest. Then I can breathe.  We work on business and personal ‘stuff’.

Without a coach I would not be where I am today. I would not have gone back to uni and graduated yesterday. I would probably be in a shit job, feeling sorry for myself wishing that I had been brave enough to try and start a business on my own doing something I love and am 100% passionate about.

My top tips:

Do your workout at least every other day

Work on your values

Work on breaking your self-sabotage habits.

And have a good weekend.

Jen x





Out of my depth

So back in June I was in Peterborough for product training with the Indoor Cycling Group.

I was working with the Master Trainers from all across Europe, the head of training from here in the UK and the director of education from the States.

I kept pinching myself, wondering if it was a dream.

These guys are elite athletes, Olympic champions, Triathletes (and not the wee short distance ones that I have taken part in – full Olympic distance) and Ironmen competitors and some of them are seriously intelligent with PhD’s.

Then there is me… wee Jen from Glasgow that teaches indoor cycling to the best customers in Maryhill leisure centre…

In my head I am totally out my depth here… In reality, I was identified by the boss men Graham and Doyle as someone with potential to be part of this team.

Enter day one of being proud…

How often do you look at your life and wonder how the hell you got there?

Someone somewhere saw something in you and gave you a helping hand.

You believed enough in yourself to accept that help and take the step forward.

Why is it then that we suddenly stop and question our abilities?

What is it that you need to start believing in yourself again?

I want you to make a list of all your achievements in the last 12 months…


If you read a book start to finish. Joined a club / group / course. Got a promotion in work. Changed jobs. Took the family on holiday. Paid off a credit card. Completed any task that you set out to do.

Write them all down.

What motivated you to do these tasks?

Let me know…

And how did I get on? I loved it, didn’t feel out of my depth at all, joined in conversation and discussion about stuff I learned at uni (I did actually learn stuff there) and performed well on the bike.

I have another 2 days with a different group today, this time, I am excited about it.

Jen x

It is not the strongest of the species that survives

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. (Charles Darwin)

I speak a lot about setting goals, making plans, creating opportunities to make your life better.

How is that all going for you?

Have you sat and agreed with things I have said, thought, ‘yeah I must set some goals and create a plan’ but haven’t gotten round to it yet?

As humans we are conditioned to be happy with familiarity. Knowing what is going to happen, unpredictable is where most of us are content to settle.

How do you cope when things change?

I was having a moan early in the summer to my flatmate about the Commonwealth Games coming to Glasgow and about how it was going to be a pain in the arse with roads through the city being closed.

The thing that bothered me most is its going to be different, I was going to have to find different ways to get to my classes and I couldn’t predict how that is going to happen.

For 2 weeks the city was going to be unpredictable & busy.

Flipping the negative way of thinking, it’s going to be exciting… the city is going to be unpredictable and busy.

Turned out that the roads were quiet and there were no traffic problems at all, the city centre was buzzing with atmosphere and a great place to hang out for the 2 weeks… It’s mid-November now and I still miss it.

How often do you hear that there is going to be a change and the first thing you think is negative?

‘that’s not going to work’ ‘people won’t like that’

I was working in one of the colleges as they were going through a merger, it was a very negative environment to be in. At the end of the day the changes were happening, there was nothing any amount of hissy fitting or moaning would make a difference.

As Darwin says, adapting to change is how we survive.

Being more positive about the change will make your life less stressful.

Being less stressed will make you happier, help you make better choices, help you sleep better and keep your skin looking fresher and younger.

Embrace the change.

If you are making change for yourself, it will be to make your life better. If the change is out of your control, control what you can, and that is you and only you.

Have a good weekend

Jen x


Do you wait or create?

We have 2 options in life

We wait
We create

Waiters wait for everything, they will get fit / apply for a new job / get themselves a date etc when they lose weight, they wait for someone else to make the first move, always waiting for the right time, to wait for when it feels just right…

Wait, wait, wait…

Waiters either get the wrong thing because indecision meant a bad choice or nothing at all because there was nothing left to get.

Creators make things happen. They go out, take action, speak to people – everyone and anyone, they have a game plan, they do something, making the first move, creating results, creating opportunities, and taking risks.

There are thousand different ways to create, some things will go wrong, and some things will be right. Creators pick themselves up and move on, they have no time to wait.

Most of us are a mix of the 2 depending on the area of your life and where you feel more confident.

You might be like me, a creator in your business, you put yourself out there, chase the dream, set goals and make a plan then do it, you are confident, powerful, going well in your career life.

But maybe your personal life you are waiting for the right person to come along, you want to make sure it’s the right one this time. You’ll just wait to be on the safe side, no point rushing these things, when the time is right and all that…

Or you could have the best personal and social life around. You are happily creating your home and family life, loving every minute of it.

But when it comes to getting up and going to work, there is nothing you can think of that is worse. You are waiting till everything is right then you might look at making that hobby you love so much a career.

One thing that you should never forget, whether you are a creator or waiter is:

Never, ever, SETTLE – NEVER settle for less than you are worth, and really you need to create that right environment, don’t settle for something just so you don’t have to wait for it, but don’t wait for everything to be in the right place before you make a start.

You will know what you are worth, because by now you know and understand your values (3rd email you ever got from me). If you don’t get my emails you can sign up here>>>

The 2 things we need in this world to get us what and where we want are: Confidence and competence.

Have confidence in who you are and what you are worth (values) ^^^^^

Learn competence from your past mistakes, move on and take the lessons with you.

To have both, you need to have done stuff. One so you can see what you have done and be proud to know you can do it again, and one so you can learn and move on.

So, are you ready to stop waiting and start creating?

Let me know what you are going to do

Jen x

What makes you successful…

What makes you successful…

So recently we looked at Oscar Wilde’s quote about success being a science.

Goal + Plan + Contingency = Success

There is a lot more to success than just this simple equation.

Understanding your values, which we looked at on the 3rd day of your emails (‘Just Be Yourself’ worst advice ever). If you have not done this yet, I highly recommend that you go back to that email and action it. If you have not signed up for my emails you can here >>>

Know your unique strengths. We all have them. Are you confident, determined, driven, compassionate, and empathetic.

Some of us are independent with little in the way of external responsibility but take on the people close to us.

Some are parents with little people that need looked after.

Maybe you are the one everyone turns to for advice or help.

Look at your strengths, write them somewhere you will see them, and remember them.

Experiences, no one can take your experiences away. How you remember them will make the difference to how you live your life.

I have been fortunate to have traveled the world and had many experiences that I may not get to have again (more about that another time).

Happy experiences are easy to remember and relive in your mind. Less happy experiences can be more challenging to think about, but looking at it and taking a positive lesson to change the memory you have.

Who you have your experiences with can make a massive difference too. Many of my travels were with my ex, my memories are still happy ones because we had an amazing time and no one or nothing can take that away from us.

No one can tell you that you can’t learn about yourself, no one can stop you pushing your own levels, and no one can tell you who to hang out with – hang out with people who inspire and motivate you.

Don’t limit your passion or imagination.

What are you doing to be successful, no matter what area of your life? Whether it is work/business, social life, weight loss, fitness or love life, you need a plan. You need people around that can help. You need to believe in yourself.

Go back and look at your values (if you haven’t done them, put time aside in your calendar and make time to do them).

Look at your unique strengths, the other day I set you a challenge of finding 10 things you like about yourself. If you haven’t done that, set time aside.

What have you learned from your experiences? Who do you have that can help? Sometimes going outside your usual group of friends, find someone who will direct you.

I offer these mentoring services, take time out to work out your values, establish your strengths and understand your experiences. Set your goals and create your plan then keep you on track.

I have a meeting with my mentor next week and I can’t wait to take apart what I have been doing and set out the next steps.

How bad does it need to get before you make the change?

Jen x

Say it with pride

Do you know how to be proud of yourself?

How many things have you done with your life that you have taken a moment to sit back and be proud of yourself?

I went through a phase of doing things, and being so focused on the next thing that I didn’t appreciate anything that I had done.

When I was going for NLP coaching I remember Brian (my coach) asking me how I felt about having done and achieving so many things already in life. Did I not feel proud?

At that moment in time I could quite honestly say that I did not know what it felt like to feel proud about achievements.

Being too proud to accept help I am a pro at, but being able to step back and say ‘I did that, it was hard work, and I pushed through against the odds and got there’ that kind of pride was alien to me.

Having people around you that point out your achievements. That make you realise that what you have done is out of the ordinary. That you are achieving things that many people would shy away from. They make you stop and celebrate your success with you.

I never dreamed when I was leaving school that I would even want to go to uni, never mind return to education at 30 years old.

I then went through a divorce and lost my grandmother and still achieved the highest grade in my class for my graded unit at college.

I didn’t stop to be proud, I needed to keep busy, find something else to drive me forward.

June 2014 I graduated from Stirling University with a Postgraduate Diploma with MERIT.  I left school with a Higher in English, and I was tutored the whole year to get me that C.

Since finding out I passed, and then finding out I passed with merit, I have felt proud.

I stopped and took a look back at the last 5 years. Even the last 10 years. I have done more in the last decade than some have done in a lifetime. There is a lot there for me to be proud of.

When was the last time you stopped and looked back?

Start to write down some of your achievements. Once you get started and talk to the people close to you, they will remind you of things.

Keep your list.

I found an awesome book, every day you write a line, a memory, achievement, anything at all for that day. Every year you start again at the beginning.

Over 5 years you can see what happened on that very same date the year before.

I have only just started using it, already I writing things I look forward to remembering over again. You can get a copy on Amazon: One Line A Day, A 5 Year Memory Book << if you click on the blue it will take you to it in Amazon.

Start your list today. What are you proud of? Keep the list. Add to it.

Here’s to a future of achievements and memories

Jen x




Internet dating, dating and standards

One of my friends (not my flatemate this time, she is getting a break today) is on some online dating app…

Now, I personally have never used any online facility to meet boys, there is something that doesn’t sit right about it (for me), I like to meet people in the flesh.

The thing I don’t get, a boy sends a message, he arranges a date, he sends a message to reschedule the date (some crap about having to work late), he then postpones the date AGAIN this time without arranging something definite.

I have issues with this.

  1. He has made no verbal contact
  2. He has postponed an initial meeting more than once

My advice is to tell him to jog on… You only get to reschedule once (as long as someone has died).

Since when is it acceptable to be put off and put off?

If someone genuinely wants to meet you, they need to make an effort. Even if it is for 30mins coffee just to say hi and meet you in person. That is much better than ‘I will be in touch when I have nothing better to do with my time’

Ladies (and gents), you need to raise your standards.

Since when is it OK to accept being second best or an after-thought?

Have confidence in yourself that you are worth the effort.

When you do go on the date, don’t be nervous about what the other person thinks of you. Fuck that, you are checking out if they are good enough for you.

Things you want to check – Are you looking for something that is real life? When I say that, I mean you are not searching for a character from a book, movie or TV – they do not exist.

People have flaws and are not perfect. What you need to consider is do their imperfections make you feel like shit? If yes, move on.

This is not just about romantic encounters (I have little to no experience in this area being single for a long time now) it’s about all your relationships, friends and family too.

Your friends, a quick call to check in on each other, swing past their house on the way home from work, let them know you care.

In business, people who put off or let you down you would stop doing business with them, you would not be a return customer.

People should feel lucky to have you as part of their life not you feel lucky to be part of theirs.

If they don’t bring anything to your life, then really what is the point?

Set your standards high, and know you are worth it. At the same time don’t use your standards as a shield to protect you from everyone. You need to learn to be vulnerable too (more on that soon).

Jen x


Goal + Plan + Contingency = Success

Oscar Wilde ‘success is a science, if you have the conditions you will get the results’

To be successful you need to create the right conditions to make the results happen.

In previous emails I have suggested that you set some goals.

How is that going for you?

Have you worked out your plan?

Have you figured out what and who you need to help you achieve your results?

Have you started to make the changes to get you to where you need to be?

It is up to you to set your conditions in place to allow everything to come together.

You need to put yourself in to the right mind-set. Focus on the outcome.

You pack your gym stuff, prepare your food, set the alarm early.

One part of the plan falls out of place and the rest of the plan goes out the window.

For example, my flatmate:

Packed her gym stuff, set the alarm, prepared all her food.

Alarm went off, decided she was cosy in bed, wouldn’t get up and go to work at the end of the day.

She got up later, then when getting ready for work she realised that she was getting her hair done after so she ditched her whole healthy eating plan for the day. Roll & sausage & potato scone, Victoria sponge, chocolate…

(She did tell me about this to out her in my emails, I am not being nasty)

Just because she didn’t go to the gym there was no real reason to ditch the rest of her plans for the day.

How often do you let that happen to you?

Goal + Plan + Contingency = Success

Have a good day, and get back on the plan even if there is a side step.

Jen x