who wants to be normal??

If you ate always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.

You have your own unique personality, be that person.Don’t try to fit it.

Don’t try to be what you think you should be to other people.

What us normal?

Be what feels right and natural to you.

Don’t worry what other people think.

That’s their shit.

Be authentically you #wisewords #freedomintraining

Find peace within

If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else – Marvin Gaye

Looking for external validation is pointless.

No matter what anyone says if you don’t believe in yourself you will always doubt everyone else.Forgive your mistakes – they happened for a reason, to teach you life lessons.

Believe in yourself.

Understand your values.

Set your standards and live by them.

Know your brand and be congruent#wisewords #freedomintraining

what do you settle for?

‘you have the life you settled for’ Robin Sharma.

How your life is, is what you make of it.

Create opportunities, take chances.

Every time you fall, get back up.

Fight for what you want.

Don’t listen to anyone telling you that you are not good enough or that your life is nit meant to be a certain way.

Dream big. Fight for it.

Never EVER settle for anything less than your dream#wisewords #freedomintraining

Friends forever

As we grow up we don’t lose friends, we just realise who the real ones are.

As you get older its about the quality not quantity of friendships.

Some people you just have a stronger bind with because your values fit with theirs.

As i get older i get that there is a very small handful of people that i would know would be there in a crisis.

That is so much better than having a huge group of people around and none of them really being there when you need them.

Let the people that want to drift off go with no hard feelings. Sometimes they just don’t fit anymore.

Appreciate everyone and don’t take anyone for granted they are all there for a reason #wisewords#freedomintraining

Healthyish Hot Chocolate

Healthyish Hot Chocolate

200ml coconut milk (half a can)
200ml full fat milk
1 tspn cocoa powder
1 tbspn maple syrup
sprinkle of cinnamon (optional)
Paste syrup and powders in a mug, heat the milks together then mix

I heat the milk on the stove top rather than in a microwave (I don’t own a microwave) to about 70c (I have a milk thermometer) stirring it pretty much constantly so the milk doesn’t burn to the bottom of the pot.